Women and men wishes

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From the blog Deafening Silence

Dear God,
Before I fall into deep sleep,
I pray for a man, who isn’t a creep,
The one who is tall, handsome and strong,
To whom I will always belong,
Who cares for me and extremely kind,
And even my silliest tantrums, he doesn’t mind,
Who pulls my chair and opens the door,
Who asks for little and does more,
Who tells me “I love you” everyday,
Who makes me smile in his own special way,
Oh! Send me the one who will love me with no end,
And would always be my best friend.


Dear God,
I pray for a hot, sexy dancer, who cannot speak my language,
Who has big boobs and a perfect ass and is partially deaf,
Who owns a golf course, bar and beach house,
I know this doesn’t rhyme, but I don’t give a shit!


cybeel said...

we are totaly totaly different yeah

serene chaos said...

LOL! Sounds about right!

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