Spaghetti Ice cream

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It's really easy to make. Prepare your spaghetti like you always do and add a chocolate or strawberry sirop or cream.

PS:I loooove spaghetti and I looooooooooove ice cream but I will never ever ever try this.


cybeel said...

i agree :O

Anand said...

Why wont u try this??

Dutch donut girl said...

Ewwwwww... that's gross! Why would anybody want to eat spaghetti with ice cream?
Maybe for halloween?

Thanks for stopping by my blog Lazyking!

LazyKing said...

It can taste goog but I'm afraid for my stomach and digestion system lool

LLnL said...

I really one to know who came up with this. Only acceptable answer some one starving or pregnant that had only noodles and ice cream on hand.

Anonymous said...

Its not really spaghetti -_-
Its ice cream put through a pasta maker so it looks like spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

You guys are retarded it is vanilla ice cream put through a press not spaghetti at all. European tradition and it is bomb I grew up eating it growing up in Germany. They put a dolop of wipped cream on the plate press the ice cream over it and top it with strawberry sauce and coconut flakes (sometimes they add a waffle type biscuit) so it LOOKS like spaghetti.

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