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I just finished changing the blog style. The previous one was used for 3 months now. I liked it but I think a little change can't hurt and change is unboring. And I added the "reactions : cool & lame" for those you don't like to comment but that's not an excuse for not commenting (lol).
You have 3 days to vote about the new style: if you hate it, I'll bring back the other template and if you like it I'll keep the new one. PLEASE VOTE, VOTE, VOTE


StEC said...

LOVE IT!!! Very fresh & easy on the eyes!

SandyaS said...

oops.. i guess the other one was more pleasant. this is kinf of all confused in colors

cybeel said...

Change is always good but blue (instead of green) might look better :)

Thuy said...

Its much easier to read ( for the eyes ) now.

LLnL said...

Easier on the eyes, calmer. Basically I agree with ALL the previous comments. Hope that helps. ; )

Jenn(ifer) said...

looks alright to me :)

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