Sardar adventures (part 4)

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Teacher : Which is more important to us, the sun or the moon?
Sardar : The moon.
Teacher : Why?
Sardar : The moon gives us light at night when we need it but the sun gives
us light only in the day time when we dont need it.

Teacher : Sardar, you talk a lot.
Sardar : It's a family tradition.
Teacher : What do you mean?
Sardar : Sir, my grandpa was a street preacher, my father is a teacher.
Teacher : What about your mother?
Sardar : She's a woman.

Teacher : " Hello boys, Remember !!! Nothing is impossible."
Sardar: "Ok Sir, You please take out all the toothpaste and put it back into the tube again.

Teacher : " Can anybody give an example of COINCIDENCE ?"
Sardar : "Sir, my mother and dad got married on the same day, same time.

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Thuy said...

only got the last one haha xD

Hippoleetoe said...


LLnL said...

"...She's a woman..." I am appalled and offended. But it reminds me of a funny story.

When we lived in Texas my mom had a friend who was a 1st grade teacher. The teacher instructing everyone to sit on the floor for story time. As she read one of the little boys in her class kept talking and disturbing the other kids. I call the boy Bobby.

The teacher instructed Bobby to settle down and she continued reading. Bobby, attempting to behave himself, raised his hand."Yes Bobby" the teacher said with a sigh. Bobby said in a thick southern drawl,"Hey lady, you got any beer". Surprised and a little bewildered the teacher said,"Bobby, that's enough. I need you to be quite so that everyone hear the story."

Bobby quickly glanced around the classroom and shouted this response,"I bet if we had some beer no one would want to hear your ******* story."

According to my mom's friend this really happened in her classroom.

LazyKing said...

@ lool Bobby is such a good boy. And he is right

@Hippoleetoe and Thuy: lmao

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