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I'll never say enough thank yous! Thank you for visiting/commenting/following/sharing/voting etc...
85% of you liked the new style and 15% hated it. Well I find out how to make those who liked it to love it and those who hated it to like it. You can notice 3 new features:
  • The text color is a little darker (you can see the difference in this post)
  • We have a Tags Cloud or Label cloud or Categories cloud (different names, same thing)
  • We have a logo to make the blog stand out in your browser. It's a simple B that can stand for Bored or Blogger/Blogspot/blog. It's green to match the template.


Vinoth said...

Nice update execution.

cybeel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
StEC said...

Nice job, this place is smexy! :)

LLnL said...

I noticed the B, I really like that. Please tell me how to do that. Great job. The blog has a nice comfortable feel.

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