Stupidities at work

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Today one of my favorite coworkers said she can't sleep at night because her baby cries a lot and doesn't sleep. So we (few of my colleagues, our supervisor and I) gave her these tips to help her babyboy sleep:
  1. Give him honey and sugar
  2. Give him eucalyptus tea
  3. Give him a spoon of beer
  4. Let him cry until he is tired
  5. Make him sleep into the bathroom
  6. Put Advil and sugar in his bottle
  7. Put his feet in ice for 3 minutes
That's what makes us the best coworkers you can ever imagine to work with :))


cybeel said...

Put his feet in ice for 3 minutes ?????? what??

Hippoleetoe said...

hahahaha my co-workers are the same way .. I hope people don't take these seriously !

LLnL said...

You are great coworkers, except for a couple of mistakes...change the Advil to Benadryl and the beer to whiskey; )

I 2 hope people don't take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

hahahaahahahah!! no change teh beer with vodka!!

Thea Ava Martinez said...

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Nathalie Uy said...

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