8 Harsh Truths

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Friends Come and Go
There are an abundance of amazing people out there for you to meet and build relationships with. If you don't have many friends, don't stress, there are literally billions of friendship possibilities.

You Won't Always Get What You Want
Don't look for happiness in material possessions and if things don't go your way, learn to accept them. Life's too short to stay miserable.

Many People Will Love You, but Many Will Not
Not everyone is always going to like you, and that's fine. If people want to spend time talking about you then that is their problem. You are perfect as you are. You shouldn't need everyone to like you to have some form of self-esteem.

Nobody Can Transform Your Life Like You Can
Do things for yourself and learn to stand on your own two feet. People you rely on won't be around forever, and you don't want to have to use others as a crutch to get anywhere in life.

You Are Going to Fail
You can learn a lot from others, but it is your own failures that are going to teach you the most valuable lessons in life. Learn from your failures, embrace them, and use them to drive you on to success.

Rain Will Sometimes Cancel Play
Don't stress about the things that you can't control. Learn to live with things that happen. You can't change the past, but you can change how you react to things.

There May Be No Tomorrow
Make the most of each day. Make sure the people you care about actually know it, don't worry about little matters, just make sure you spend time doing the things you love.

Someone Else Will Always Have More
Just because someone has 'more', that doesn't mean they are happy. Read the biography of any celebrity and they will tell you they enjoy their process of earning money, rather than what money can do to make them happy. In other words, focus on what you love, not what the thing you love can get you.

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sanewithoutdrugs said...

Well said! I just wrote a post on how material processions do not matter, but I do not plan to use it. I felt better after writing it. I do not think folks understand this concept until something awful happens to them.... a death or illness

Anonymous said...

...there are literally billions of friendship possibilities...so you are saying this to a guy who has no friends...very useful indeed...

SoggyCereal said...

Such a True post indeed! I mean see, u got more followers than me. Doesn't mean you are happier right? Just kidding :P

BlackSnow said...

Not a single lie....but sometimes friends stay.

cybeel said...

totally true! And sometimes we need someone to make us remember dont we?

Amusing Bunni said...

Lazy King!
I love this!
How was your weekend, good I hope.
Bye, Bunni

ASWANI said...

Excellent post. very inspiring and motivating. Must read for everyone.

virgo27 said...

this was an awesome post. these truths touch every single person, regardless of sex, color, creed, or religion.

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