Only in China

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Thanks Cybeel for the picture.

There must be a rivalry between China and Japan. Because after the japanese created the "Boobscarves", the chinese are trying to top that invention. Here is the "Boobs Vending Machine".

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PS: I'm moving to Asia


SoggyCereal said...

LMAO! Gotta love the lunes that are responsible for these ideas XD

I mean what will you do with a single boob? no fun, no fun..

BlackSnow said...

@Soggy:that's the idea,you can't use only one so you waste more money:))

cybeel said...

i'm sorry but they look disgusting :(
And i cant help but thinking is it kinda stress ball or smt?

virgo27 said...

geez...don't know what else to say...

James said...

Can't wait for the balls belt, or labia lapels. Hm.. wonder if I went to far on that last one.

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