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Music is actually the most powerful medium, it's universal and touches every single soul in the world. There are songs to celebrate love, death, life, for the clubs etc...
Today I selected few songs that make me feel Gooooooooooood and boost my moral when I'm depressed or sad. These songs have great rhymes and the lyrics are probably the best words for music meditation.

1. Mistaken Identity by Steve Reynolds
2. Make You Crazy By Brett Dennen
3. Prospekts March/poppyfields By Coldplay
4. Brand New Day By Joshua Radin
5. The Cure For Pain By Jon Foreman
6. All Good Things By Nelly Furtado
7. The Storm Is Over Now by R. Kelly
8. Warning Sign By Coldplay
9. Changes by 2pac
10. Redemption Song By Bob Marley


Sanewithoutdrugs said...

Nice list of songs. I am going to leave your site up in the background to play your tunes while I surf the web.

BlackSnow said...

Great list of songs,I like all of them

cybeel said...

you make me feel fresh, thank you :)

kavita said...


Anonymous said...

i'm now stress free.

virgo27 said...

good list, i've added a few of them to my playlist.

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