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My blog is a FAB blog. Not FABulous but a Funny Ass Blog. This award from Area 51.1 (a blog stranger than reality) definitely puts a smile on my face.
I'm super happy that you're reading/commenting/sharing my blog, so saying that my blog is funny....YAY! HOURAY!. I'm going to celebrate that. Thanks a bunch.

I'm passing this award to
-- SoggyCereal because your blog is funny and your nickname is hilarious.
-- Amusing Bunni because you know how to make politics fun and you're not afraid of Obama (hahaaa). And that we miss you fun posts. If you don't post a "fun" post next week, I'll chew you.
-- Homeboddy Blogger because your funny pictures are ROTFLMAO and your reviews are excellent.


dede said...

Haha, these are lot funny things here...
Great post!

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virgo27 said...

thank you so much, lazyking!!! i really appreciate your feedback, support, and your comments. thanks for the F.A.B. award!!! lol.

Hit 40 said...

Excellent award!!! I think I will have to steal it for some fun :-)

SoggyCereal said...

Whoa such an honour you bestowed upon me! I want to give you a man hug right now! haha

But my blog is nowhere as F.A.B. as yours! so thanks again matey! :)

*BOW* all hail!

AD said...

Congratulations, LazyKing, you deserve it. :]

BlackSnow said...

hehe,congrats ,I'm glad that there are more people which deserve that award.

cybeel said...

congrats my friend :)

kavita said...

CONGRATULATIONS...i need to go to Kiana to congratulate her too....my friends are AWESOME.

whibley said...

congrats..well your blog has lot of funny things..it fits the name..unbored me..it works to cherish my bored day..=]

Hit 40 said...

Thank you for following :-) Very fun.

I hope you enjoy!!! I try not to bore.

ASWANI said...

Congrats my dear friend. So many awards for you. I just wonder where you will be keeping those awards :)

Afrah =] said...

Ahaha, this totally brings a smile on my face :)
This stuff sure is greaaat man :D

Im impressed ;)
I'll b visiting from time to time <3

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