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First of all thank you soooo much entering our first contest. Your 111 comments were hilarious, I had too much fun reading them everyday, unfortunately we only can have one winner.
But don't worry I'll make others easy and lazy contests with more cool stuffs to win.
Congratulations to.... (drumroll please)
Nice guys finish last or something like that.
This time he didn't finish last, lol
You can also visit his blog here and let's hope that this t-shirt won't end up like his Subway footlong t-shirt.

Thanks everybody and stay tune for the next easier and lazier giveaway.

PS: To the winner, I need your e-mail to send you more designs and to have your address (, that's mine)


LLnL said...

I was robbed I tell ya. I must visit the man that stole my life.

How could you let this happen LZ? Why is the room so dark... Aunt Luvy is that you?... The light is so warm, so welcoming...

cybeel said...

Congrats Nice Guy !!

BlackSnow said...

lol,well he is a nice guy so maybe that's why he won.

Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

wow-I never win anything! I'll be sending that email with the address shortly ;-)

thanks cybeel/Blacksnow ;-)

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