Blessed with Sunshine

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Translate to: A ray of sunshine for you
I was blessed with sunshine by Sarah. Thank you Sarah, this award puts a smile on my face and I really like your fantastic blog A healthier way of living. You rule and you rock!
Just because it's summer time and it's friday (I don't work toomorow) I'm in an excellent mood, I'm going to share this award with all my 203 followers (I'm super excited!!).
But here are 4 blogs (summer, fall, winter and spring) that you really need to visit and I mention them because of their unconditionnal love and support .
-- Love, Lust & Life because Life is better with a lot of sunshine and that I Love your blog
-- Future Perfect because your future will be sunny
-- Area 51.1 because it's funnier to laugh about sunburns
-- Scarlett Walk because you bring rays of sunshine to all your blogger friends


BlackSnow said...

It doesn't hurt that bad when you laugh about it.

And I used Photoshop for my banner.

cybeel said...

What a meaningful award! You've again made me blush:) I thank you for your cheeriness, perfect sense of humor and support...Keep on and let the sunshine in, right? ;P

Nana said...

Hey Lazy King! Thx you for visiting my blog! You should definitely join Inch by Inch tuesdays, the more the merrier :-) This blog is so cute, I know, there isn't anything worst (for me) than being bored! I absolutely hate it. That's why I kee busy :-) I have my play starting today, i'm giddy & excited. Have a good day!

Dutch donut girl said...


ASWANI said...

Congrats my dear friend. You really deserve it :)

LLnL said...

You are the sweetest ever. Thank you. Congratulations on all your success and all your followers.

Amusing Bunni said...

Hey Lazy King,
Thanks for sharing the sunshine award, it did some good, because it FINALLY is sunny and a georgeous sunday in Chicago!
Sounds like you had a super fun day at the movies! Glad you liked my reviews, you know what they say, "great minds think alike".
I saw Hangover and Night at the Museum the same day, and after seeing Hangover lst, no wonder Museum seemed kind of lame...hee hee.

The way you viewed the two you saw was the perfect way to do it, I think, Hangover lst, THEN T-4, otherwise, you'd be shell shocked ;-)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Bunni

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