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I posted here the smash Boom Boom Pow weeks before it was released (the video is now removed by Youtube,lol).
Since I first listenned to that song, I knew the Peas will offer us a happy and fun album with crazy beats. Right now Boom Boom Pow is on its 10th straight weeks on top of the charts breaking many records on its way.
The album came out this week and I wasn't disappointed. It has all the rights elements to be very successful commercially and critically. The album is called The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies). And I totally agree with it because the songs are full of energy (I call it Red Bull for the ears), fun and joy. And that "mystic" energy will stay with you after the parties, the workouts and the road trips. It might not be the best album (few of the lyrics are stooopid) this year but it's perfect for the summer.

The only bad thing people can say about the E.N.D is the use of the infamous 808 autotune. But hey, they used it really well and produced great beats with it. That's why I don't care.

PS: I think Kanye West used the autotune geniusly too.
PSS: I'll start posting Indie Rock album reviews next week.


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Nice, this review was better than the Billboard's one. Keep it up.

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