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For JB.


jb said...

Lazy your the looks like a beautiful. Thank-you so very much KLKH...lolol just read you above post before I scrolled down RTMSFI
that's my addtion to RTM lol.

Your very funny...what is the photo called let me know. They're really amazing.


LazyKing said...

They are nebulas, the clouds in the space. All these pictures were taken by NASA. I'll post another one later for the toomorow posts. I discovered them 2 years ago and I'm still amazed.

jb said...

Thanks for telling me. I am so taken by these photos. I think it's because it tells me that this world is vast and beautiful. And that we are not alone in it. This universe is amazing. I feel amazed by it sometimes, actaully I feel overwhelmed by it alot.


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