Atlanta (after my trip)

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As promised, I'm sharing my week-end experience in Atlanta (ATL).
ATL was one of the cities I wanted to visit so badly. My expectations were high and fortunately I wasn't disappointed at all. It's very nice and my friends over there are really cool. I didn't want to come back home. When I arrived at the airport on Saturday, I made the mistake to walk instead of taking the train (my feet hated me). Then I met my friends (some of them I haven't seen since June 2005). We visited the CNN headquarters (you might see us on tv, lol), the centennal park (ATL hosted the 100th birthday of the modern Olympics). We took few pictures with Pierre De Coubertin, it was hilariojus. Then we visited the Georgia Aquarium which is the biggest aquarium in the world. It was beautiful. The fishs were in every color you can imagine and there were fishes you can and can't imagine. It was amazing. We also visited the Coca Cola museum and had free Coke Zero. After that we went to Atlantic station, fun fun fun. We had chinese food and it was delicious. The restaurant decor was over the top. We went to the movies and to a lounge bar. It was really cool. Around 2am we went clubbing. 3 hours of crunk music or dirty south music is just too much and awful. The Saturday finished around 6am. After clubbing we searched for hotels/motels rooms but we couldn't find anything except The Hamptons (my Mastercard hated me).
On Sunday afternnon: We went to Lenox Square, three words to describe it, shopping, fun and shopping. And then, we went to Geisha House, a stuning asian lounge. They had one of the worst noddle and the best sushis I ever tasted. The sushis were yummy, yummy, yummy. For dessert we had fried bananas with Caramel/Milk Chocolate/Dark chocolate. Also it was triple yummy.
On Monday: We had a mediterranean food, shawarma/Kebab/Shish Taouk. Also triple yummy! Alfter lunch we went to North Georgia Premium Outlet and shopped again. We went again to Lenox Square and had more fun there. The last piece of my great week-end was in the airplane on my way back. They aired an episode of one of my favorite tv-show, How I Met Your Mother. It was a really great week-end. I missed my friends and I was really excited to see them again, we had so so much fun.
ATL is definitely one of the best cities in North America.
PS: I'll post some ATL pic as soon as my friends send them to me.


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