The Sparrow and The Crow

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TS&TC is William Fitzsimmons third album. He is "unknown" by the mainstream because he is an independant singer/songwriter. He sings and writes songs because he is talented and for the love of music. Although he is an indie, his album managed to steal the #2 spot on itunes. Critics love him, so do I.
I think his album is sublime, finished and have a lot of soul. He sings with his heart and you can feel the emotions. There are sad songs ( his two blind parents got divorced), optimistic songs and songs everyone can use in their relationships and in life. It's definitely one of my favorite albums and one the finest. If you read the comments on his youtube page, you'll realize how much people appreciate him. All the songs are great and some highlights are "If you would come back home", "I don't feel it anymore" etc...


Anonymous said...

William certainly is one of a kind and truly amazing. Some things to clarify though - 1) though his album did vault to #2 on the iTunes sales chart, he actually was chosen as the #1 "folk" album of 2008 on iTunes (the folk genre has since been changed to Singer/Songwriter by iTunes, not sure why) 2) he didn't lose his blind parents, they are still alive though still blind! but they did get divorced and that is the subject of earler albums 3) TSATC is about his own divorce from his ex-wife and the range of emotions that ensued. I now return you to your regularly scheduled great blog. Ciao.

LazyKing said...
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LazyKing said...

I made the correction about his parents!

Thanks. It's nice to see another fan

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