Stocking Stereotype

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Trust me this will bring the LOLs


matt said...

this so funny and so true

jb said...

OMFGWTF..........I just laughed for 5 minutes straight. This was so funny and so true. Look...he didn't even have a gun and he was asking for help... are people that stupid.

It kills me how people assume and jump to judgement right away. Lazy... you make me laugh. I like this, it shows the prejudice that us humans have in us. Good post funny as f**k........


Princess Mina said...

That was flippin hilarious and I know so many people that would react that way! No weapon and he was being nice and calm and they still got scared and ran away lol. Good thing none of them had weapons, that would have been a prank gone wrong :-(

Man, that was so funny!

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