--Recognize your insecurities.

--Don't view yourself as inferior to others.

--Identify your successes.

--Be thankful for what you have.

--Be Positive,

--Accept compliments gracefully

--Look in the mirror and smile.

--Fake it : acting confident might actually make you believe it.

--Help others.

--Don't Care What Other People Think

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LLnL said...

Great list. I love how you cut he fat and just share the important stuff. I think that I have most of them down except the last one. I don't know how not to care what people think without hardening my heart. How can you keep empathy and not let what others think of you not affect you. I know that part of it is recognizing that people are not their thoughts, they are the spirit and energy. I'm becoming aware of that but it does not encourage me. If I pretend to hate people it makes me feel unstoppable for a short time but then the real me comes through and I feel weak again. What am I supposed to do LZ.

LazyKing said...

@LLnL: whatever you do, people will always have positive and negative thoughts and will say whatever they want. From what I learned, you just have to do what you think is "right".

LLnL said...

Thank you LZ! That helps a lot.

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