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There is a new innovative online dating service, it's the smell dating service. is trying to match people with their smell. Here is what they say:

"A person's scent is decisive for whether we find that person atttractive or not. Whether there's «chemistry» between us is evident only through actual personal contact. In online dating this indicator is missing - and that's precisely what basisnote wants to change."

So far, many people has tried it and their CEO justifies the success by ""The science is real; different smells are good for the sexual aspects of a relationship...""

You can laugh at smell-dating all you want, but I don't mind trying it (yes i'm desperate!)


floreta said...

haha i saw this educational thing on tv about love and attraction once and there is some truth to this. i think the experiment was that a group of women went around sniffing tshirts drenched with sweat and were asked to identify which they felt was the most attractive scent (yeah, gross). then they put them in a social situation with the men owning the shirts they sniffed and the women naturally gravitated to the men whose shirt they picked, even having never met them before! crazy.

LazyKing said...

@floreta, I agree that's crazyyyyyyy and gross. Thanks for the comment

LLnL said...

I saw it too and I agree its gross, but its so true. I have boyfriends that I could not stand how they smell after they work out, but my husband I been caught smelling his pits from time to time. It does not smell like roses but I still like the smell.

LADYHOT said...

wow that is crazy never heard of it till now lol have you tryed it yet?

Blogger said...

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