How to become a Douchebag

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The look

--Take a membership at your favorite tanning salon
--Get ridiculous tattoos
--Put an entire pot of gel on your hair
--Wear a very bright t-shirt... everyday. (You have extra points if you wear the same t-shirt everyday)
--Wear bling bling
--Drive very big cars

The attitude

--Party hard, drink like crazy, create your own ridiculous dance moves and don't be afraid to show them at every occasions
--show your fancy mobile phone at every opportunity (and even when there is none...)
--Be obnoxious, listen to loud music, turn the volume to max, yell on public transit, fight in public and destroy your neighbors garden
--Remember: Women are inferior to you. Women are here for the entertainment and pleasure of men

Your motto: See that trashcan over there? Throw it! Why? Who cares?! It’s funny, and will impress the ladies!


Frugal Art said...

Does showing off your fancy mobile phone at every opportunity (and even when there is none...) count as well?

Could you please follow this one up with a post on the ludicrous ways that some people 'photoshop' their profile pics (i mean the whole neon colours, gel, killer glasses, shiny getup, et al)? with examples! it would make my day.

as i wrote in one of my previous comments, every morning i am going to come on this blog....this post was great.

Vipul (from Frugal Art...remember?? :) )

LLnL said...

That picture is grossing me out.

LazyKing said...

@Frugal art, great and funny idea. And of course I remember you :) thanks a bunch

Justsouknow said...

u are tooo funny your crackin me up!
Good work!

Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

where did you get my high school graduation pic from? I deserve credit! lol

LazyKing said...

@Nice guys ..., I feel bad for you :P

Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

well the look worked then! ha ha

Gail Alexander said...

Your description of a certain personality type is very "right on" - thanks...also very funny!

cybeel said...

it's unbearable

ayumi said...

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Lee Shin said...

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Lee Shin

janice said...

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