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I won't spoil
I went to see Star Trek last night and I loved it. I never watch the previous S. Trek movies and never wanted to catch up. But the new Star Trek is directed by my favorite director JJ Abrams (Fringe and Lost), so I had to go to the movies.
I wasn't disappointed, the casting was excellent, the editing and special effects were perfect, the sound will connect you to the actions etc... I'll give it a 9/10, a must-see and better than last week X-Men Wolverine.


Rodrigo said...

it,s been a while since I leave a movie theater thinking I want to see that movie again right then and there.

LazyKing said...

@Rodrigo, thanks for your comment. I think one watch of Star Trek is enough but I really liked it.
However the soundtrack is AMAZING

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

I am not a Trekkie person at all but I want to see this because I love what's his name. Okay I guess I don't love him since I don't know his name - the guy from Heroes who plays Spock. I thought he looked Spock-ish the first time I saw him years ago.

LLnL said...

I was not interested before but I heard nothing but good things. Question, do I have to see it in the theater or can I wait for DVD? I think I know that answer but here's hoping.

LazyKing said...

@Layla, I think his name is Syllar in Heroes

@LLnL, the sound is much better in the movie theater, so I'd prefer watching it there

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