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From the UK Daily Mail, I couldn't wait until toomorow to show you this one :)


Anonymous said...

Nice picture

Louis said...

I think I can see my house... it might be cause I'm sitting in it now... it's all around me... it's actually very difficult not to see it...

also that's an exceptionally beautiful picture!

Anonymous said...

wait...was this the one taken by a couple of teenagers with just a balloon and digital camera?

LazyKing said...

@Louis: loooooool
@ Mr. Puddle: yes it is

jb said...

That's an awesome picture lazy...god it's so beautiful. I don't know why I like these pictures of space or skies..mmmmm, so peaceful.


Anonymous said...

can we go therrreee???



LazyKing said...

@Mr Puddle: it would be amazing

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