U decide: alarm clocks

Reactions :  

1- Find The Pin - You need find the right pin to stop it's ringing. Not going to stay sleepy after this mission.

2- Wake Up Puzzle - You have to build the puzzle to make it stop

3- Climbing clock - It hangs above your head and starts climbing while it rings. Don't wake up fast enough, and you won't be able to shut it up without a ladder.

Are these the best or the mmost annoying alarm clocks?


LLnL said...

I'm a light sleeper but my husband is not. I think the first one would be great for him, I just hope that the buzz is not annoying.

Razzle+Luigi said...

I manage to sleep through most of my alarms...Luigi on the other hand is a very light sleeper

Anonymous said...

Most annoying alarm clocks!!!

LooneyBeanie said...

Oooh they're perfect for a sleepyhead like me! :p

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