How to live better

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Start your day with a high note: get up early and eat breakfast

Keep a schedule: write all the important tasks you need to do but don't worry if you don't accomplish them.

Take a break, have fun: hang out with friends, go to the parks etc...

Be generous: give smiles, advices, help your coworkers, the strangers outside etc... it's very rewarding.

Accept the things you can't change: Just move on, don't depressed because of one or two bad life experiences etc...

Learn a new language: it makes you smarter, opens your mind and horizons, makes you want to visit more places etc... I can speak 5 languages and I still want to know few others

Try to do something different every day: try new things, new foods, new music genres, new places etc...

Don't live for the future: live and love Today. "Today is a gift, that's why it's called Present"

Finally, read Bored.. Get unbored everyday (wink)


Anonymous said...

great tips

LLnL said...

great advice.

Mhakimaru said...

You got me right there! - Mhaki

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