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From Ping News


Ember said...

That's beautiful! I love it! Wow, it's so serene and powerful. Kind of like thunderstorms.

Hypnotransformations said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

chubskulit said...


Thanks for the visit!

john said...

is that a painting?

hope you can visit sometimes, following your blog now..

kavita said...

simply beautiful....looks like right from galaxy.

virgo27 said...

that is amazing. it's funny, when i look at it, it almost looks like the shape of a face in the upper right corner, blowing thru its mouth.

ASWANI said...

Awesome !

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Lazy King!
I always look forward to your Pic of the day, and this one is georgeous!

Thanks for the congrats on my Kreative Blogger Award. My computer has been acting up and I didn't even know I got it, until I read the e-mail notice that you said "congrats on your award" And I was like "What Award?" You and Rafael Made my day! If only my computer would quit freezing!

Stay entertaining and have a great rest of week!

ASWANI said...

very artistic :)

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