Bad coffee

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There isn't anything worst than a mean manager!... heuuu there is something worst, a bad coffee machine at the office. The coffee at my workplace is just AWFUL & GROSS.
_- The regular black coffe tastes like (I mean it doesn't have any taste or flavor)
_- The french vanilla tastes like coke with water
_- The Mocha tastes like soap (I'm not kidding)
_- The Cappucino is as gross as the others ones

Can you believe that sometimes (when I'm really sleepy and bored at work) I go to the Walgreens (a popular DRUGSTORE here in the US) to order my coffee.
Our coffee is made by a professional service named Taylor & Byrnes Gourmet Coffee. Seriously who came up with that name? It's a lie, there is absolutely nothing "gourmet" in your coffee. It's crap!


kavita said...

i am imagining or its danger-sign on your coffee it really so bad?

cybeel said...

we only have regular black coffee at office and it tastes like regular black coffee. So am i lucky or what????

virgo27 said...

i can't relate too much on this one, i'm a tea drinker, but i do have friends who complain about their office coffee.

BlackSnow said...

I don't drink coffee,once I drank a Cappuccino and it had a funny taste.I prefer black tea.

Aswani said...

I don't drink coffee and tea. anyways, sad to know about your coffee :(

Yvette @ True Crime Books said...

this is done cuts costs (u dont drink as much) and increases productivity (u dont make coffee as much)

LazyKing said...

@Yvette, thanks so much, I finally understand

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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Shea Kang said...

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