WTF family portrait

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Amusing Bunni said...

Makes me glad I'm an orphan...hee hee
Whereever do you find these things!
Enjoy your weekend, LK, Bunni

sanewithoutdrugs said...


I would hope that they were paid!!!

BlackSnow said...

holy mother of crap!....that's a really fucked up family in the second picture

Dutch donut girl said...

What is wrong with the family in the second picture?! They are walking a fine line with all this Openness. But what a great halloween costume idea ;)

Salacious Soul said...

Bizarre. But funny.

Anonymous said...

My gosh!so funny! hehehe!

ASWANI said...

Funniest of all..hahahaha :)

virgo27 said...

just as my mom always says, "it takes all kinds!" ha ha ha.

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