The ultimate Macho

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Do the words "If you REALLY loved me...." turn your heart to ice?

Do you wish you had a button that said: "Thank you for sharing, now SHUT UP and quit Whining!" ?

Are you sick of lazy women who use emotional and sexual manipulation to get what they want instead of using their own brains and muscles?

Are you fed up with women who feel they HAVE to be in a "Relationship" in order to be whole, and will sacrifice their self-esteem and personal growth in order to avoid being on their own?

Do you want to SMACK women who play "helpless" just to gain male attention and stroke male egos?

Have you run out of sympathy for your Female friends who continually whine about how awful MEN ARE, but then they keep dating the same kind of STUPIDS, over and OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!?


Hypnotransformations said...

haha, "the same kind of STUPIDS".

ASWANI said...


Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

um, Lazy? havin' a bad day? ;-)

Yvette's True Crime Books said...

I am a woman and I hate women who resort to any of the above espeically point no 4 so yes
(hate hate hate) x2

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