The Dingo

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I was recently reading an article Dangerous animals we want to give a hug and I met this asian dog. And seriously I would love to own it. But this little cute puppy attacks humans and eats babies. I couldn't believe it so I went on wikipedia and it confirmed this tragedy. The baby's name is Azaria Chamberlain and was only 2 months when eaten by a dingo.


cybeel said...

eats babies?? :o

Amusing Bunni said...

I love puppies more than babies, so no harm done!

Now, set me straight, THIS PARTICULAR puppy dingo didn't eat the baby, did he? He looks like a baby himself! I'm just saying, rather a cute puppy than a kid anyday...but that's just me!

LazyKing said...

I linked the article I was reading and you can easily find the Azaria story on wikipedia with his pictures

Anonymous said...

Good thing my dogs don't do that.

Anonymous said...

This dog is sooo cute..........

Aswani said...

Dingo are very dangerous. I saw a lot of them on discovery channel. They attack human beings and even kill them. But this pic doesn't make me feel so. very cute :)

Salacious Soul said...

They are an Australian breed of dog, not Asian.

I got bitten on the leg by one when when I was eight. Stupid fucker wanted my sandwich and no way was I sharing.

Anonymous said...

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