Bizarre Beers

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These beers are weird and I didn't invent them. If you are unlucky enough, you'll find them somewhere.

~~ Ginger Beer: from California and made with ginger,nutmeg and cinnamon.

~~ Pumpkin beer: from California and made from pumpkin

~~ Apricot beer, well beer made from apricot.

~~ Mocha beer: from Michigan and made with coffee

~~ Banana beer: from Eastern Africa, beer with banana

~~ Clamato beer: beer mixed with tomatoes

~~ Bilk: from Japan, beer and milk

~~ Mamma Mia: from Illinois, beer with pizza


BlackSnow said...

after drinking beer with milk the toilet is going to be our best friend.

Anonymous said...

WTF with the picture??

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm sorry, but I don't drink any beer.
Beer in a plastic bag!!!??? Now that is crazy.

I kinda mentioned you and some other fellow members in my post today ;)

LLnL said...

Apricot beer does not sound bad.

izzie said...

BILK?!!! C'mon! xD

sher said...

its weird but it looks healthy.

Thuy said...

I want to try Mocha Beer

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