Walking the dog

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Scarlett, I told you this is NOT how you walk the dog!!!

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Thuy said...

OMG shoot her!!!! god dammit :@

cybeel said...

OMG !!!!! Having a heart attack! LazyKing r u trying to kill me?? :P
It certainly is a torture. And these people never take care of animals. Must be strictly forbidden

BlackSnow said...

lol,is that dog real?because it looks like a fluffy toy ,but if it's real that's really fucked up.

Dutch donut girl said...

Poor dog. She needs to grow a brain. I mean the girl NOT Scarlett.

AgentPX said...

lol, what a nice way to pet a dog. I wouldn't do that on my Baby.

LLnL said...

Too funny. The strong reaction from Thuy makes me scared to comment, but I will be brave anyway. I think its a good idea. Little dogs get tired fast so if you going for a long walk you have to take the home or carry them.

The dog looks comfortable so as long as she walks him long enough to get exercise I don't see the problem.....(Please don't shot me)

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