Questions over Questions

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A list of questions which really make me question myself ... wait..

1. Why does superman wear his underwear over his pants?
If I'm gonna wear my underwear over my pants will I have superpowers?

2. Why do some folks have an “outie” belly button and some folks have an “innie”?
What influences the shape? The doctor?Our parents?Aliens?!

4. Why do old ladies grow beards?
OK ,OK old ladies grow beards,but why the fuck young ladies grow mustaches.

5. Do people really have multiple personalities ,like in Sybil ?
That would be interesting,I could have 2 personalities then when I do something bad I'm just gonna blame the other one...wait.

6. Do oysters really make you horny?
I don't really find oysters attractive,but it seems that some people can work with that.

7. Is it true that you can break your penis?
Truth hurts guys.So don't pass the weight limit.

8. Why do we have to pee when we hear water dripping?
Nature calling us.

From Area51.1, a blog I recently discover and I highly recommend you to follow it because Sam has a great sense of humor.


BlackSnow said...

Thanks a lot for making this post.

LLnL said...

Interesting pondering. I'll check him out.

ASWANI said...

very funny :)

izzie said...

Loooooove the oysters one... xD

Nice guys finish last...or something like that said...

oooh...number 7 makes me hurt thinkin bout it and its unfortunately TRUE egad

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