Date my dog!

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Did you know that there are thousands and thousands canine matching services? I never thought about matching my dog or cat with any others dogs or cats! I saw a tv-ad this afternoon and it was very funny. Then I went googling it and it surprised me to see that the canine dating service is an growing industry and people are paying fortunes to match their pets.
Here are some of the famous services: Date My Pet, Canine Connection ...

My few questions:
1. How do they know that their pets need someone in their life?
2. How the animals behave during their dates?
3. What are the activities?
4. How do they know that their pet finds the "one"?
5. what if the pets don't want to meet again but the owners think they want to do so?
6. Are these people caring or crazy? etc....


Anonymous said...

I can'yt even fin someone for myself, lool the cats are so cute

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