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Yesterday I posted a picture-set and asked you what the construction represents. Well, since it's a big facility, you thought that is might be "a hospital", "a prison for the mentally insane", "retirement home for the richs", "a hotel". Someone even said "it's my place".

It's the central prison in Austria, It's nicer than many homes and cleaner than many hospitals.
One of my friends reaction was "Crime must be high in Austria. Everybody must want to go to prison."

PS: JB, I really hope this isn't your place, lol


Qihong said...

With regards to 2day's Mix, yes for me too, I'm Yours LazyKing, I'm yours :) Forever yours.

Balvinder Singh said...

If these are the prisons then what the receretion centres look like.
Thanks for sharing the info.

AB said...

Thats something to know.. If I ever get arrested, I want to be arrested in Australia. Hahaa

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Anand. :-)

Anonymous said...

waouh, the prison is also bigger than our schools

forexwatch said...

Are you sure that it's a prison. I think it's a Five Star Hotel. If it is a prison crime rate will increase among the homeless.

Thuy said...

Omg I would never have guest a prision, but when I wach closely to the pictures I could see the bars

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