Unusual phobias

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  • Ablutophobia: Fear of washing or bathing
  • Arithmophobia: Fear of numbers
  • Basophobia: Fear of walking
  • Cathisophobia: Fear of sitting
  • Catoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors
  • Chaetophobia: Fear of hair
  • Chionophobia: Fear of snow
  • Chromatophobia: Fear of colors
  • Chronophobia: Fear of time
  • Chronomentrophobia: Fear of clocks
  • Cibophobia: Fear of food
  • Dendrophobia: Fear of trees
  • Melophobia: Fear of music
  • Metrophobia: Fear of poetry
  • Siderophobia: Fear of stars
I didn't know we could be afraid of music, hair, trees, stars... did you?


Balvinder Singh said...

That certainly is a new revelation. Any idea what is the 'fear of unknown' called. Most of us suffer from that one including me.

LazyKing said...

Fear of unknown, you haven't live it yet, you don't know what is it.You don't know what to expect; it could be good or bad. If you experience the "unknown", it can become a phobia (persistent fear of certain situations,activities,things etc...) and will have a particular name.

Nancy said...

I love Edvard Munch "The Scream"... I didn't see my phobia on there, I'm afraid of water I can't see the bottom of! Always makes me feel like a dork.. :)

LazyKing said...

Hydrophobia is your phobia Nancy!
There are thousand, I just selected the ones that seem to be unusual.
Me, I don't have a phobia...yet lol

Mr. Puddle said...

#'s 1,2,6,9 are all phobias of mine. The chaetophobia one for me is not just any type of hair, but long...girl hair when its wet and gets on my hand...say when in washing dishes, or on a brush or comb.

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