We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. is Jason Mraz's third studio album released on May 13, 2008
According to Wiki, the title of the album refers to a piece of art by David Shrigley which caught Mraz's attention while he traveled through Scotland.

Personally, the album was a great experience witch catchy lyrics, originality and not boring at all. It was entertaining and brought me to another place I wasn't expected to be (in my mind of course, lol) and we realy can feel the happiness that inspired Jason while recording this album and he shares that happy feeling with the listeners. Well done Jason!


Hippo_Lee_toe said...

I love him :]

acute_disaster said...

I love him too!

Him and Jack Johnson would make an amazing concert.

Thanks for following my blog!

I'm diggin' yours as well. I like what I see.

Keep it up.

LazyKing said...

thanks you both!
Ah yeah Jason and Jack would make an amazing show. I like them both.

My 2 favorites bands (Coldplay and the Killers) will throw a show togheter tonight or toomorow in London to support children causes. I feel depressed that i'm not in London. lol
I hope they will do that in the US

Princess Katrina said...

I love this album! His music is amazing!

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